Friday, November 5, 2010

The irony of burn the Quran day (an overdue post)

Lets think logically...

It doesn’t matter how many Quraans they are going to burn, being outraged to these laughable dim-witted people are not a cool solution. It doesn’t matter if these thick headed people wants to burn Quraan, what Muslims should do is to laugh at them (yes laugh!) and enquire them instead who would REALLY be in trouble if, we Muslims would burn all the Bible? Isn’t this a BIGGER problem for the Christians due to a really obvious reason? (Gotcha!)

Muslims doesn’t have to worry at all because hundreds and thousands of Muslims (we’re talking about a REALLY HUGE groups of Muslims around the globe here, people remember?) have already memorised the whole Quraan! Mashallah remember the huffaz, and hafiz? Don’t forget the mufassirs, muhaddiths too!

That's the beauty of Islam! The fact that we can validate and maintain the authenticity of all of our sources from the time of our Prophet til today makes us the only religion that does not have blind faith people! Lets be a cool and calm Muslim and laugh at those evident bunch of idiots. Think about it. Peace! :D