Saturday, February 13, 2010

Polyvore, I am addicted to it! (OK, Not so much now ;p)

Hi Salam to all,

Currently I am 'indulging' myself to 'Polyvore's application. It's a 'dressed-up' game, consisting of not just fashion but some other application like interior design etc...very childish-I know, but this simple and yet addictive application is simply irresistable, for a 'some-what-vain-person-like me'.. hahaa! Well here are some of my 'Muslimah' polyvores, 'dressed in a chic and trendy apparel, enjoy!! :D

Brown will never go out of style..

Yellow for a girls outing, relaxed and simple!

My personal favourite, Abaya re-modified

I always loved BLACK. Forever and ever ever..and ever ever! :D

And if you want to check out more of my polyvores, click to this link.