Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trying to please everyone.

Praise be to Allah.

I am thankful to Him for all the good and the bad in life, for these are tests from Allah. Troubles may come and go but isn't this the beauty of life, the beauty of living and breathing in this world made by our Creator, the All-Wise and All-Knowing?

I've come across people who are kind, sincere, honest, and some who may seem all nice to you, joke with you, laugh with you, but their heart is full of hatred and jealousy. They seemed to 'enjoy' putting people down, mocking them, laughing at them, insulting them, degrading them.

And sometimes you wonder, what made them so bitter and so hateful towards you? Is it because of the things that you do or didn't do? Aren't we Muslims suppose to have good feelings about our Muslims instead of slandering and spreading lies about our own brothers and sisters?

I sadly have met with these kind of people, and believe me it's not a good journey. At first I did not realise the consenquences but alhamdulillah when I realised it, I cannot help but to avoid myself from having fall into this unhealthy friendship. A good friend mirror one's behaviour
and attitudes, and vice versa.

Surprisingly up until now, 'some' of these friends are still pretending not to know me, having bad thoughts about me, nauzubillah. I tried to reconcile with them, to smile at them, give salaam to them, and honestly I pity them for giving ways to shaitaan to weaken their heart and still have bitter feelings towards me after this one incident. I may have done hurtful things, but as humans we all make mistakes, sometimes big and small, sometimes silly and unintentional.

The most important thing is to act wisely and not have ill-feelings towards each other, especially when we are Muslims. We must try to reconcile and stand united as one Ummah.

These minor clashes might weaken our ties or make our friendship stronger and it might be difficult for we may sometimes fall into suspicion and ill-thoughts towards others but as long as we strive to please Allah, we will strive to avoid all the bad things and change our attitude towards others.

It's a test of friendship; and it's a test from Allah and when we pass this test then inshaAllah He will reward us all.

It is essential how much we need to support each other. We have to make the right action as the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. said ' The best of the servants of Allah are those who, when they are seen, Allah is remembered (i.e. they are very pious). The worst of the servants of Allah are those who spread malicious gossip, cause division between friends, and seek to cause trouble for innocent people'.

This is a reminder to all of us, so that we should always strive to please Allah in the ways that He permits and avoid things that Allah does not love.

We must try to follow the many examples of the Prophet who never uttered any words that could hurt a person's feelings, damage his reputation or insult his honour.

Isn't it time to stop these unhealthy acts and start to become a better Muslim??

I hope that may Allah guide us all to the true path, and give us the best of friends to help each other on our journey in life. Ameen.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ahsan-al-qasas: The most beautiful of stories in Quraan!

How do we Muslims cope with our daily trials and tribulation? Here, I would like to share a very interesting article about Surah Yusuf taken from Muslim Matters. As Allah S.W.T. calls this surah ["Ahsan Al-Qasas"]: the most beautiful of stories! A beautiful reminder for us Muslims. May Allah S.W.T. give us the patience and perseverance we need to cope with our life, inshaAllah. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Worshipping Allah

"And I did not create the Jinn and mankind except to worship Me…" (Quran, 51:56)

"O my people! Truly, this life of the world is nothing but a (quick passing) enjoyment, and verily, the Hereafter that is the home that will remain forever." (Quran, 40:39)

Allah has said that he has created us to test us, to see which of us is best in deeds. He is not testing us to know, in the sense that he doesn’t already know, but this world is a test for us in order again that we can grow spiritually.

We cannot develop this spiritual characteristic of generosity unless some of us have more then others and then we are required to give of the wealth we have. When we give, we grow. Similarly, if we were not in a position where others had more then us then we wouldn’t have the ability to develop the higher spiritual quality of contentment, patience, satisfaction in what Allah has given us.

So it is all there in order to bring out the higher spiritual qualities, which enable us to attain the state, which makes us suitable and eligible to return to paradise. The paradise from which we were created, we were created in paradise and for paradise. Through our choices we have left, in this life, a field of testing, where we can grow to a state where we deserve paradise.

The purpose of this life is the worship of Allah, this life is a test. A test for us, will we worship Allah, or will we forget Him. This is where our focus has to begin. (from Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, Part of a lecture delivered on the priorities of a Muslim today)

Supplication - Sami Yusuf

O My Lord,
My sins are like
The highest mountain;
My good deeds
Are very few
They’re like a small pebble.
I turn to You
My heart full of shame,
My eyes full of tears.
Bestow Your
Forgiveness and Mercy
Upon me.
Ya Allah,
Send your peace and blessings
On the final Prophet,
And his family,
And companions,
And those who follow him.